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Electrosoft's approach to custom software development and integration efforts is rooted in Government and industry best practices, coupled with CMMI Level 3-based software development methodologies. We use structured system analysis and design methodologies, tools and processes for both requirements analysis and system design phases reflecting feasible government and industry best practices. As a result, systems achieve functionality, reliablity and performance tragets and align with business and mission objectives. We apply methodical CMMI-based Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes to plan, design, build, test and deliver quality software applications that meet the end objectives of our customers. Depending on the specific custom solution development effort, we will work with the customer to establish the most appropriate SDLC processes to plan, design, build, test and deliver quality software applications that meet the end objectives of our customers. Depending on the specific custom solution development effort, we will work with the customer to establish the most appropriate SDLC model (such as waterfall, sprial, Agile, rapid prototyping, iterative or others) to accommodate the scope, schedule and budget of the effort.

Areas of Specialization

  • Solution Development and Vendor Product Integration Read More >
  • Java, .NET, Database, Web Development; Agile Methodologies Read More >

Client Stories

Overseeing New Technology Incubation to Enhance the Defense Supply Chain

  • Managing the global defense supply chain is a challenging task that relies on information technology (IT) for mission accomplishment. One defense support Read More >

Initial Efforts to Secure a Defense Supply Chain Yield Impressive Results

  • A defense agency providing command and control for transporting, distributing, and sustaining personnel and assets worldwide relies on information technology to achieve its Read More >

Creating Efficient, Compliant, Secure ID Credentialing and Visitor Access

  • For one government agency’s ID Card Office, Electrosoft implemented process and technology improvements to support government information processing Read More >

Improving Cybersecurity Through Better Tools, Processes and Automation!

  • One U.S. civilian government agency recognized that it was a high-priority target for cyber threats and attacks and that its cybersecurity program could be improved. Read More >

Transforming a Defense Agency’s Approach to IT Operations Compliance and Audits

  • When one defense IT operations organization resolved to become proactive when managing and monitoring compliance and risk mitigation, Electrosoft implemented Read More >

Optimizing Digital Communications Strategies and Platforms

  • When one defense agency sought to improve its digital communications, Electrosoft supported the implementation of a centralized content management system Read More >

Advancing Agile Adoption to Improve Management and Performance of Critical Business Systems

  • Electrosoft advanced the adoption of agile methodologies, while ensuring business system compliance, for one defense agency intent on IT modernization to Read More >

Supporting Digital Transformation with Cloud Migration

  • Electrosoft supported the successful migration of multiple legacy web applications to the cloud environment for a defense agency, ensuring Read More >

Improving Enterprise Security through User Access Governance

  • Electrosoft provides Identity, Credential and Access Management (ICAM) expertise to enhance the cybersecurity posture of a civilian agency that oversees many U.S. financial institutions. Read More >

Embracing Low Code Platforms for Rapid Application Development

  • Electrosoft’s software development and systems engineering professionals embrace a low code platform to rapidly develop, enhance and maintain a range of essential Read More >

Making Security Documentation more usable to Cybersecurity Practitioners through Informative References

  • Electrosoft assisted the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop and implement the National Cybersecurity Online Informative References (OLIR) Program to provide a standardiz... Read More >

Facilitating Agency’s Critical Economic Mission through a Reliable and Secure IT Infrastructure

  • Electrosoft assisted the agency in two key areas: (1) efficient management of information technology (IT) investments in support of the agency’s mission, vision, and strategic objects; and (2) main... Read More >

Strengthening Security Posture through PIV Card Issuance, Authentication and Single Sign-On

  • Electrosoft assisted an independent oversight agency in obtaining Personal Identification Verification (PIV) cards for all agency personnel. Electrosoft also designed, configured and implemented an e... Read More >

Securing an Evolving Cyber Environment through Effective Patch Management

  • Electrosoft is executing a patch management solution for a Department of Defense (DoD) agency that maintains enterprise software for 55,000 endpoints. Read More >

Protecting U.S. Economic Interests through Cybersecurity and Privacy Services

  • Electrosoft’s experienced team of Cybersecurity and Information Privacy professionals supports the security and privacy efforts of a civilian agency that promotes and protects U.S. economic interes... Read More >

Software and Database Administration Support to Sustain Mission-Critical Enterprise Web Applications

  • Electrosoft provided software and database administration support to sustain operations for three (3) mission-critical Enterprise web applications for an Agency within the Defense Department. Read More >

Information Technology Architecture Support Services for Defense Research Laboratory

  • Electrosoft’s experienced team of IT professionals provided networking, server/desktop/database support, configuration management, help desk, and information assurance to support a Defense Research... Read More >

Implementing a PIV-Enabled Visitor Management System

  • Electrosoft designed, configured and implemented an enterprise-level visitor management system that interfaces with a variety of facility access control solutions. Read More >

Implementing an Enterprise Physical Access Control System

  • Electrosoft designed and implemented the ePACS solution to present a common workflow for access provisioning/de-provisioning for all of the Department’s physical facilities regardless of the specif... Read More >

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