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Hear What Our Employees Have To Say

The people are the best part of Electrosoft. I also like providing my customers with the best possible service. I’ve always been motivated by the idea that the better I do my job the less people know I’m doing it.

Senior Network Administrator

Electrosoft offers the best training and team building; I never miss an event. It is nice to know that everyone supports each other in different ways, no matter where you live and work.

Acquisition Analyst

I like Electrosoft’s core values. I also feel that Electrosoft empowers me to support customers to the best of my ability.

Business Process Reengineering Specialist

I like how Electrosoft believes in work-life balance and has a culture that aligns with its core values in order to create a shared, enduring and positive environment for its employees.

Senior IT Auditor

I like that the company is people-centric, inclusive, and supports growth. Seeking employee input while doing “The Work That Matters” makes me feel vested in the company and part of a bigger picture. The commitment to customer satisfaction and the support management provides to employees create a professional dynamic that fosters a healthy bond across teams.

Security Controls Assessor

My colleagues are extremely bright, competent in their responsibilities, and most helpful. It's a congenial work environment even though we work remotely. I'm looking forward to a long career with Electrosoft.

Business Process SME

I like that Electrosoft keeps to its values, especially integrity. I appreciate how management shares company goals, growth figures, and other indicators with employees. I‘ve never experienced that before in the corporate world. The concern for employees’ mental health and the firm’s focus on work life balance are blissful blessings.

IT Systems Analyst

I like that the company values personnel and invests in their growth. Incorporating all employees on updates regarding company growth, plans, and reports makes me feel closer and more personally invested in the company.

Senior Systems Administrator

Our team is very supportive of each other. The constant flow of incoming work keeps us all busy. Work is a blessing from God that makes for a good life.

Security Controls Assessor

Electrosoft leaders care about their customers and employees. Also, the people with whom I work are helpful and committed, making Electrosoft great.

Task Lead

The leadership is awesome! Plus, working remotely, I can use GitHub daily as well as the different tools and technologies I’ve taught myself. It also allows me to be more present as a father and a husband.


I love the work-life balance that Electrosoft allows! Working partially at headquarters and remotely allows me to spend more time with family.

HR Administrator

Working for Electrosoft allows me to balance life and work. I love spending time with family, friends, and my godson. Having the ability to work from home is phenomenal! I also love the culture and professional dynamic of the team on which I work. I truly enjoy the people with whom I work.

Team Coordinator

Everyone here is brilliant ‒ and simply the best at what they do. The atmosphere is so personable at Electrosoft, and I truly feel valued as an employee. The company is growing, and I am growing, too.

Team Lead

I really appreciate that I am valued as an individual. It’s amazing to work with a company that wants to get to know me on a personal level from the very beginning. The team-building efforts taken by all levels of management go above and beyond and allow me to still feel connected to the company instead of a remote employee.

HR Specialist

I enjoy the people with whom I work. I have been welcomed with open arms since the day I started.

Executive Assistant

Electrosoft is an amazing place to work with opportunities to learn new technologies and skills. It’s a fast-paced environment but rewarding in that one can witness and directly contribute to the overall growth and success of the organization. Electrosoft has an extremely open and diverse work culture in which team members actively work towards building a sense of community.

Program Analyst

Electrosoft was the first company where during the new hire orientation the CEO, Sarbari Gupta, made it a part of the agenda to take time and come in and talk with me one-on-one. Sarbari was not just interested in hearing about my work background, but she was genuinely interested in hearing about me as a person.

Team Lead

Like a lot of recent graduates, I was uncertain with the direction I wanted my career to take. During my time at Electrosoft, they’ve allowed me to explore the different service areas the company provides so that I could find the best avenue for personal career growth. Leadership’s commitment to mentorship and personal development has been invaluable as my career has progressed.

Security Specialist

What I like most about Electrosoft is the family atmosphere and the fact that I am not simply known by an employee ID. Electrosoft is giving me the ability to grow in my career.


I’m amazed by the level of commitment to excellence in everyone I’ve worked with at Electrosoft. My job is easier when the Electrosoft team has great processes and past performance to allow me to find opportunities within existing customers and with new agencies.

Business Development

I like the flexibility and challenge of the work assignment. Every week, my work products are sent to our client’s CIO and acquisition executive to help shape their understanding of enterprise risks.

Cybersecurity Analyst

Even though I started in the middle of a pandemic and have not really been in the office much or met many people in person, I have enjoyed working with some really great and nice people – both government and Electrosoft employees.

Executive Assistant

I enjoy working for Electrosoft because they care about both the client and employees. Also, as an employee, we are afforded the opportunity to grow within the company, which speaks volumes to advancing my career.

Team Lead

I really enjoy working with everyone here. What I love the most about working at Electrosoft is the people, the culture and the team attitude celebrated here!


The people I am working with are fantastic and the customer has been great to work with. Even though I came on during this pandemic and everyone has been working remotely, I feel like I am part of the team. This group has a long history with the client, so their legacy knowledge has made my transition onto the team very easy.

Engineering Analyst

What makes this place great is the people I work with. Everyone seems helpful and committed.

Windows Administrator

I enjoy working for Electrosoft because leaders care about the customer and employees. The people I work with make this place great.

Configuration Management Specialist

What I like most about working at Electrosoft is the consistent growth and the ability to engage and encourage employees to live a balanced life. It is not all work. You get the opportunity to play.

Configuration Management Specialist

Working for Electrosoft feels like you’re in a family.

Badging and Credentialing Specialist